Services - Taxation / Investment

JAMES LIN & Co. offers CROSS-SECTOR, CROSS-BORDER, CONVERGENCE services in the areas of:

  • International Taxation and Planning
  • Investment Services
International Taxation and Planning

We have good experience in advising our international business clients on a wide range of cross-border taxation issues. We also counsel our clients on personal/corporate tax planning matters relevant to their roles as investors, business owners, executives and high-net-worth taxpayers. Our goal is to identify our clients' need and to allow our clients to achieve successfully their objectives in an evolving economic environment. To assist our clients further to achieve their objectives, we also offer incorporating services in most of the well-known offshore locations such as British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, etc. Over the years we have assembled a skilled and professional staff who well understand the needs of our many clients.

Investment Services

We provide consultation services about foreign investment to individuals, enterprises or organizations. Our key service areas include, but not limited to:


Invest in Taiwan

Currently, Taiwan has deregulated nearly 95% of all foreign investment. Taiwan allows foreigners to invest in all sectors except in a few areas where conditional restrictions apply. These areas include sectors which may impinge upon national security, public harmony, social behavior, public health and those sectors restricted under law or prohibited under international agreements. Therefore, some foreign investments in Taiwan are managed under the negative list. We specialize in assisting foreign national and/or Overseas Chinese to invest in Taiwan. Services provided in this area include, apply to invest in Taiwan, accounting services, cross-border tax planning, audit services. You must apply a work permit and an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for your foreign national employees. Contact us for more detailed information.


Invest in China

o investors and firms, especially following China accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, China represents a vast market that has yet to be fully tapped and a low-cost base for export-oriented production. As part of China's accession to the World Trade Organization in 2001, China undertook to eliminate certain trade-related investment measures and to open up specified sectors that had previously been closed to foreign investment. New laws, regulations, and administrative measures to implement these commitments are being issued. Invest in China is now becoming more secured than ever before. We have successfully assisted many of our local and international clients in setting up business operations in China. Contact us for our successful stories.